4 Accounting Software Problems that you might already know


Accounting software may be good except some of the problems that might have already annoyed you right now. Here are my top 4 accounting problems:

(i) Lack of security

Back to basic; any accounting software is useless without high security. Nobody wants his personal details to leak out –if that’s the case, nobody will be paying for accounting software! The problem with most accounting software providers is the fact that they keep promising guaranteed security to their clients yet still receive complaints by those who actually trusted them. Nobody is cheating anyone here. These are the problems that software providers need to look into and overcome. The thing about accounting software is that anyone can easily access the accounts. Yes, firewalls can fix the problem but their setup gets out of control at times –when this happens, there is nothing much you can do about it.

(ii) Your business grows in time

What happens when your business growth moves rapidly? Most business owners only realize this after they have purchased a package. It is highly recommended for business owners to estimate the potential growth of their businesses in order to select the best accounting software to suit their needs for the next few months, perhaps years.

(iii) The use of mouse that slows you down

Wouldn’t it be easier if you do not even have to reach for the mouse? It will only slow your business down. Today, most accounting software products allow you to use your keyboard for all functions.

(iv) The inability to import inputted data

If you can put in data into a system, most likely you will expect them to be taken out when necessary too. However, some accounting software do not have this feature, causing accountants or whoever who is responsible to import data from the system to be left frustrated. Ask yourself this question: Do I really want an accounting software product that does not allow me to retrieve and import my data? Your answer will determine the choice you make in selecting your accounting package.


2 responses

  1. Good one. The most annoying software problem are the instances where the computer just says “no” to something very basic that you are trying to do, i.e. retrieving data.

    1. Yeah, it is indeed annoying! Couldn’t agree more.

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