Should small business owners pay for Facebook ads?


Whether or not a small business should be advertised on Facebook, that pretty depends on how business owners manage their ads. There are in fact small businesses that have managed to earn good effects after using Facebook ads. I have personally tried Facebook ads as well. If you ask me whether or not Facebook ads will work, my answer would be yes, provided that you know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your dollars on ads that do not convert to sales.

Should your business try Facebook ads?

Likewise, it really depends; they work for some but not for others. At times, they didn’t work for me too. When I realized this, I stopped my ads. When running Facebook ads, it is important to always know your target market. You need to specify a certain demographic group that you wish to approach. This group is among those who are most likely to take action upon stumbling into your ads or whatever you are offering. These are the people who will like and share your words to those around them –communication gets viral and that is when sales start to roll in. Even so, viral ads don’t necessary help small businesses to achieve what they want. Always remember that your fans are on social platforms to socialize and get connected with things that interest them. Avoid hard selling.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Well, the answer is simple: to create awareness that would lead to sales. I build fans on Facebook to enable my customers to stay connected with me. It is not just a place for them to throw questions on my product and services, but also a place where they get to read interesting updates that I share on a daily basis. Your message can be as simple as morning greetings. The more engaging your posts, the higher chances that your customers will come back to your page, simply to check on the interesting things you may have for them. Build your fans, have their loyalty and reward them with exciting offers. The cool thing about Facebook advertising is that friends of fans will also get to see whatever they have recently liked. Since Facebook is the most popular social site today, it is a great platform for marketers to market their brands as Facebook offers plenty of options and data compared to any other online channel. Another great reason why small business owners should consider Facebook advertising is because it has less competition for keywords compared to Google or any other pay-per-click (PPC) sites. As mentioned earlier, Facebook is a social site that people visit to read on interesting updates. It is a place where they are comfortable to browse for information. Therefore, it is easier to reach them compared to when using other advertising platforms. I get annoyed by the ads that pop out on my browser. I’m pretty sure that most people are also annoyed by YouTube ads, especially the ones that do not allow you to click on “skip ad”.


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