Problems faced by companies that are using accounting software for their businesses

Accounting problems are pretty common amongst those who are already using accounting software which they believe can make their accounting works easier. Accounting software that give users too many problems are normally the ones that are outdated and not very user-friendly. Below are some of the problems encountered by most businesses when using accounting software:
Lack of security
Software users are worried about the security of their data as they are accessible by foreign parties. Even though firewalls are believed to have the capability to solve this problem, but the firewall setup on a computer may get screwy at times; when this happens, there is nothing much they can do.
Weak reporting service
Some accounting software solutions are powerless in helping users who wish to get their business data out. Users are annoyed with the fact that it is easy to put data in yet impossible to get them out after –seems pointless if they do not support both ways. As for data transfer, some accounting software products do not allow data to be retrieved nor imported.
Lack of efficiency
Business owners want to have things done quicker and less time consuming. Some accounting software products are not user-friendly and do not enable users to fully use their keyboard. Using the mouse can slow down a business progress. They are also lack of features, capabilities, expend abilities and compatibility
Outdated & lack of accuracy
Some accounting software systems are outdated. Therefore, details tend to be inaccurate, system slows down and system errors happen. Data corruption is a serious matter.
Not user-friendly & difficult to customize
Due to system restrictions, users cannot perform customization based on their preferences. Some systems are rather cluttered and difficult to understand. It will be tough for users to get rid of unnecessary columns and information on their own.
Lack of features and expensive
Some accounting software offer less features but at expensive prices. Customers will always have to get the upgrade versions in order to get the features they want, or switch to another provider.
No Bank Reconciliation feature
Accounting software such as ‘Wave Accounting’ for instance does not have bank reconciliation feature, which means it is unable to perform bank and credit card accounts reconciliation. This feature is highly essential as it helps businesses to track on errors such as missing transactions, duplicated transactions, wrong amounts and even typos.
Poor Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Users are stressed out by the lack of training and guidance in using the software, even when it comes to fixing the problems occurred. Extra training may also cost extra cost to the users. Users are always in search of high quality training. Some websites also do not provide their contact number –lack of trust amongst customers.
Software compatibility
Many users are frustrated because their accounting software is not compatible with their programs. For example, a customer may not be able to import some date into his program simply because the software does not allow this. Users cannot import or retrieve information from other programs because their accounting software does not have the capability to do so.
No 24/7 technical support
Customers had to wait until the next business day before they get to fix their accounting software problems. Most consultants are only available during business hours; unless they provide customers with a cell phone number which they can contact for after-hours contact.
Inconvenient technical supports via phone
The best support is always through a face-to-face session rather than just phone calls –that way, customers can get a better picture of what is happening and what to do if the problem occurs once again in the future. The ability for a support specialist to access customers’ data and remote in to their problems is much more effective and less stressful than simply trying to explain the solution via phone calls.
Poor speed of access
Since accounting software is accessed over the Internet, delays are likely to happen due to the distance to the data centre (location problem). Speed issue can also be determined by the speed of processors and servers used to run the online accounting software.
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  1. When running a business, the last thing you want to experience is a breech in security which can jeopardize your whole network. Thanks for this one!

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