GST Seminar by QnE Software


Understanding GST and its impact on your business –a seminar organised by QnE Software and will be conducted by two experienced speakers: Mr Wong Tuck Wai (chartered accountant) and Mr Grayson Chin (GST consultant)

In this event, business owners will be exposed to important details related to GST. Below are the topics that shall be covered:

• Concept of GST
Exposure to both input and output tax –and how they work in a business

• GST mechanism and its scope
The mechanism of GST and how it applies to selected products and services

• Types of GST taxable supplies
Standard-rated supplies, zero-rated supplies, exempt supplies, and supplies not within the scope of GST

• Export and import of goods and services
Whether or not GST will apply on exported and imported goods and services

• How to claim input tax credit
Guide on how a taxable person is entitled to it under section 39

• Blocked input tax
Understanding the definition and types of blocked input tax

Employees benefits; Gift rule
Exposure to GST benefits on employees –goods and services provided to employees by their respective company

• Registration, taxable periods, tax invoice, record keeping, and registered person’s responsibilities
Guideline on registration and emphasis on the responsibilities carried by each person in a company when dealing with GST

• GST provided relief and adjustments

More understanding on bad debt relief

• Transitional period preparation
Understanding on what GST is all about and how it can impact a business during the transitionl period

• How will GST impact business? A game changer?
GST effects on businesses and how business owners cope with the new tax implementation

• GST implementation –key areas for consideration
Important business areas that all business owners should put into consideration even before the implementation of GST

• GST compliant accounting software
Introduction to one of the best and most user-friendly accounting software in Malaysia

Hurry up and book your seats today. Early birds will get to enjoy RM100 cheaper fee. For more information, kindly contact QnE sales representatives:

(i) Zen: 017-8834188

(ii) Meng: 012-6653780

(iii) Raymond: 011-12783780

To purchase GST compliant accounting software for your business today, visit


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