10 Quick Facts about the GST eVoucher

Malaysia business software

1. The GST eVoucher was introduced to disseminate the grant to SMEs, specifically for the purpose of upgrading their current software to GST compliant software that will meet the requirements of next year’s GST from April 1, 2015 onwards.
2. In order for businesses to apply for the eVoucher, they have to be GST registered, and define as SMEs, with at least 51% Malaysian equity.
3. For GST eVoucher application, all registrations have to be done online at http://gst-evoucher.smecorp.gov.my/
4. Prior to eVoucher application, all applicants must have themselves registered under MyGST (Customs). Applications are welcomed until December 31, 2014.
5. The GST eVoucher which is valid from June 1, 2014 to February 28, 2015 is worth RM1, 000 each. All purchases can only be done within its validity period.
6. SME Corp. Malaysia will only cover the amount stated on the software purchase invoice. The cost of software upgrade should not exceed RM1, 000.
7. Businesses can redeem their eVoucher from any one of the 55 qualified software vendors. Visit http://gstevoucher.smecorp.gob.my/ to view vendors.
8. For GST claim procedure, claim form is available at http://www.smecorp.gov.my
9. All claim documents can be sent manually to SME Corp. Malaysia.
10. Every eVoucher given is unique by MyGST number and company registration number in order to avoid confusion or violation. Serial number of the software installed must be presented on the claim form.

To purchase GST compliant software, visit http://www.qne.com.my


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